Brine – why is it good for you?
Brine – why is it good for you?

Our body is made up of salt and water; it essential that we keep both our salt and water supplies replenished, as we lose both on a daily basis by perspiration and urination. Just as it is important to provide our body with high quality structured water every day, it is also necessary to provide high quality salt in order for our body to function properly.

Crystalline salt halite

Crystalline salt is the highest quality of salt, it is almost completely transparent thanks to it naturally high purification. It is considered a very valuable salt because of the dozens of minerals that it contains that our body needs for optimum performance. Crystalline salt was first created over millions of years ago, when the sun dried up the oceans and seas, due to high pressure over centuries, the salt formed into a crystal structure. The crystalline salt of halite is best served as a saturated saline solution - brine, which, according to Ayurveda, naturally energises the body after Ayurveda.

The small colloidal particles of this natural salt make it readily accessible for our cells to absorb and metabolise. The ionic form of crystalline salt can be used by the body straight away without being digested - unlike vegetables or cereals, which can only be used by the body once they have been digested.


Crystalline salt halite is considered a very valuable salt because of the dozens of minerals that it contains that our body needs for optimum performance.

Water for brine

The use of high quality water is also essential for the optimal operation of brine. We prepare it with the help of Nature's Design water carafes or jugs. Due to the special shape of the jugs, which derives from the natural proportions of the Golden ratio, the water is structured and revitalised and becomes a source of natural energy.

Brine = water + salt

We have prepared the Cadus for brine package for you. It includes a Cadus jug for vitally structured water, 1 kilogram of halite crystalline salt, a lid and a spoon for the brine, both made out of olive wood. The spoon is a recommended measure for the daily dose of brine. Everything is packed in a wooden box and can also make a great gift.


The Cadus for brine package gives you everything you need to prepare vitally structured brine: jug, salt, spoon for brine and lid, both made from olive wood.

Preparing brine

Fill a quarter of the Cadus jug with salt crystals, fill with water and cover with the wooden lid. Store other crystals in a plastic bag or box (a metal container would oxidize). After 24 hours, check whether all the crystals have dissolved. If the crystals have not completely dissolved, then the water has reached 26% saturation - the brine is ready. However, if all the crystals have dissolved, add some more salt crystals. When the crystals stop melting and stay on the bottom of the jug, the brine is ready.

You can keep adding water to the jug for weeks but do not forget to add a salt crystal or two to make the solution sufficiently saturated.

Different ways to use brine

By regularly drinking brine, you fill your body with natural energy. Vibrations of brine last 24 hours, therefore it is highly recommended for daily use. By using brine you cleanse your body and establish your pH balance. It also cleans the organism, detoxifies and removes waste materials. It also regulates blood pressure, if it is too high or too low. Drinking brine also helps with skin problems, as it cleans it from the inside out.

Our body use brine the best in the early morning hours. Therefore, we recommend that you drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of brine every morning before eating anything and refrain from eating and drinking anything until 10 minutes later. The accompanying olive wood spoon is the appropriate measurement (5 ml) and allows you to take brine from the jug even when the brine's level drops.

You can also take a spoonful of concentrated brine and then drink a glass of water. Or you put a spoonful of brine in a litre of water and drink it throughout the day. In order to use brine successfully, it is very important to drink plenty of water - at least two litres a day. We recommend vitally structured, non-carbonated water, e.g. from the Aladdin carafe.

Undiluted saline solution can be used to clean your teeth or as mouthwash. It also helps prevent bleeding gums. A few minutes after drinking the undiluted solution the stomach and bowels are stimulated and your metabolism and digestion are improved. Due to a strong increase in the presence of electrolytes, the conductivity of the body increases, and consequently improves blood circulation. During the colds season, you can use brine as an inhalation in a steam bath, to clear your nasal passages.

5 important facts about brine

  1. Effective for 24 hours:: The structure of the Himalayan crystalline salt is so dynamic that its vibrations work in the body for 24 hours after ingestion. In order to maintain this constant beneficial effect, it is advisable to drink brine on a daily basis.

  2. Unlimited use:: Drinking brine is a healthy habit that can last a lifetime - it has no time limit, the best results come from regular use.

  3. Age restrictions:: There are no age limits. Children can also drink it, a few drops of brine in a glass of water is enough.

  4. Shelf Life:: Brine has an unlimited shelf life, bacteria and viruses cannot spoil it.

  5. Warning. Drinking brine is not recommended for people with high blood pressure.