Expressions On the Face of Water
Expressions On the Face of Water

Did you know that water has a face? Just as our feelings are reflected on our faces, the energetic vibration of water can be seen in a frozen water crystal.

In 1994, a water crystal photography technique was developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. His technique involves freezing water and observing it under the microscope. In his initial experiments he expected to see crystals in the form of snowflakes. Only after two months of failed attempts, did he manage to get capture photos of perfect, snowflake-like frozen water crystals. He wanted to know why this was the case.

What affects the face of water?

After establishing this relationship between the water source and the crystal structure, the next experiment he performed was to expose filtered water to various effects. Applying the same technique, he froze the droplets and photographed them. Results clearly showed that photographs of frozen water crystals can be sorted into two groups: those with a nice, hexagonal crystal structure and those with a damaged, formless crystal structure.

If Dr. Emoto exposed the water to positive influences such as classical music, nice words (love, gratitude…) or beautiful photos are placed under a bottle of water, a beautiful crystal was formed.

If, on the other hand, Dr. Emoto exposed the water to heavy metal music, hateful words and other negative influences, the water crystal structures observed were damaged. Dr. Emoto’s experiments provide conclusive evidence that water absorbs and reflects the energetic frequencies to which it is exposed.

The water crystal photos are published in Dr. Emoto’s book, Messages from Water. Many can also be found on the internet. They show that the structure of tap water is damaged due to unnatural processes used in water supply systems such as high pressure, flowing in long, straight pipes, chemicals etc... The photographs cause one to stop and think: if we are negative, we harm the water we drink and, consequently, we harm ourselves.

If we drink water with beautiful hexagonal crystals, we fuel ourselves with good energy. Structured, revitalized water is optimized for hydration as it can be more easily absorbed by our bodies.

Shape also influences water 

The photos of the beautiful crystals of water dazzled and enchanted us. We decided to use Dr. Emoto’s technique to determine if water responds to the shape of the vessel in which it is stored. This is how the Swiss brand Nature’s Design was created.

We developed water carafes, drinking glasses and other products such as water bottles, all designed in accordance with the Golden Ratio. This ratio, which describes a perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions, is found throughout nature, art and architecture. Our hypothesis proved to be true. The photos clearly show that even tap water is restructured and revitalized in our products: beautiful, hexagonal crystals are formed. This is a sign of vital water, full of energy. Importantly, the water is restructured after only three minutes!

Before – After: Normal tap water is weakened by high pressure in city water treatment and distribution systems. Only three minutes in the Cadus Pitcher is enough to restructure and revitalize tap water.

Laboratory tests by EF Braun, CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland. Water crystals were photographed in accordance with the procedure developed by Dr. M. Emoto.

Excellent results

Our Nature’s Design products are wonderful to look at. They are winning the hearts of lovers of elegant things. But they also excite for other reasons. Water from our products has a hexagonal structure and, consequently, a great taste, so soft and gentle, like spring water.

Various Nature’s Design products form different water crystals. All have in common a wonderful hexagonal structure, which is a sign of vital water, full of energy.

Laboratory tests by EF Braun, CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland. Water crystals were photographed in accordance with the procedure developed by Dr. M. Emoto.

Water is the healthiest drink, but many people do not like it or feel they cannot drink it. Nature’s Design users around the world report that they are now enjoying the water with pleasure, as it tastes like water from a mountain stream. Owners of dogs and cats happily announce that now their pets, which previously refused tap water, are drinking water again. We also recommend watering your flowers with the water from our products. The difference in their appearance will be obvious.

And you? Which of our products is your favourite? If you haven’t tested the effect of the Golden Ratio on your water yet, go to our store and choose something good for yourself. For the welfare of your body, mind and spirit.