Carafe Alladin

1.3 liter / 44 fl .oz

mouth blown traditional workmanship

lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158 F  

water crystal
water crystal

The carafe “Alladin” is the standard version in the range of carafes. The Alladin with the golden Flower of Life logo in the base has been one of the most popular for many years. The cascading design of 6 sequential sections, with the volume of each section corresponding to one of the first 6 numbers of the universal Fibonacci sequence, aligns with the geometry found everywhere in nature. Revitalized water shows a 6-sided crystalline structure which corresponds to its increased level of energy and life force.

“Olive wood” top for Alladin

Olive Wood Edition

Top for Pinus Cembra Alladin

NAME ART. NO. Capacity Flower of life
Alladin 1.3 Golden 7110 1.3 l gold gold
Alladin 1.3 Happy 7120 1.3 l happy happy
Alladin 1.3 White 7130 1.3 l white white
Alladin 1.3 Platinum 7116 1.3 l platinum platinum
Alladin 1.3 Basic 7100 1.3 l -
Glass Top for Alladin 1.3l 7101

Flower of life

This powerful symbol – another expression of what is sometimes referred to as “Sacred Geometry”, is found in many cultures and religions – and also in the products.