Olive Wood Edition


This wonderful combination of glass and olive wood is something special - clear elegance with a touch of natural beauty.

The carafe revitalizes the water, the flower of life on its base further enriches it, and the energy of the olive wood represents the icing on the cake. The olive tree has always been a symbol of fertility, glory and peace. The energy of the tree provides inspiration and helps with communication. The special edition includes six different carafes with a top made of olive wood. If you already have a carafe, you can buy only a top made of olive wood.

NAME ART. NO. Capacity Flower of life
“Olive wood” Cadus pitcher 8940 1l white white
“Olive wood” Cadus pitcher with gemstones 8918 1l /
“Olive wood” Rubellum wine caraffe 4338 1l white white
“Olive wood” Alladin carafe 7118 1.3 l gold gold
“Olive wood” Universe carafe 7318 10 l platinum platinum
“Olive wood” top for Cadus 8941
“Olive wood” top for Alladin 7108
“Olive wood” top for Rubellum 4308
“Olive wood” top for Universe 7310

Flower of life

This powerful symbol – another expression of what is sometimes referred to as “Sacred Geometry”, is found in many cultures and religions – and also in the products.