Spare parts


Good news for all owners of the bottle and good news for the environment! The broken or crushed or missing bottle parts can be purchased subsequently.

Because we strive to make our bottles genuinely 100% eco-friendly, we supply you with spare parts. This will ensure that you bottle has a long lifetime without imposing any additional impact on the environment. In the name of the Earth: Thank you!

Wooden lid for Lagoena 0.5 and 0.7 (narrow opening) 8831
Organic plastic lid for Thank You (wide opening) 8851
Glass bottle Lagoena 0.5 (narrow opening) 8832
Glass bottle Lagoena 0.7 (narrow opening) 8842
Cork sleeve 0.3 8883
Cork sleeve 0.5 8833
Cork sleeve 0.7 8843
Glass bottle Thank You 0.3 (wide opening) 1201
Glass bottle Thank You 0.5 / Glass bottle Thank You Kids (wide opening) 8852
Glass bottle Thank You 0.7 (wide opening) 8872
Rubber ring white 0.3 1204
Rubber ring white 0.5 and 0.7 8834
Rubber teat 1238